• 20 miles more will link HS2 to the gateway for the UK’s biggest trading partners

  • 20 miles more will link HS2 to the home of the UK’s most successful manufacturing export

  • 20 miles more will link HS2 to the UK city with the fastest growing economy outside London

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  • Evidence for NIC’s Rail Needs Assessment

    20 Miles More submitted evidence to the National Infrastructure Committee (NIC’s) Rail Needs Assessment of the North and Midlands.  Our submission  presented the opportunity for a comprehensive review of Phase 2b takes place with the remit to serve all the major population centres of the North West. We believe that an alternative routing for Phase 2b that achieves this objective, and which will be both less expensive and more environmentally sensitive, is a […]


ABOUT 20 MILES MOREAndrew Morris20 Miles More Chair

20 Miles More is a campaign supported by a coalition of leading business figures and academics to have the proposed HS2 network extended to include Liverpool. At present Liverpool is the only major city in the North and Midlands not directly connected to HS2 and it is estimated that a branch serving the city would help increase the city region’s GVA by £8bn over 20 years.

We are the biggest English city not on the HS2 network and the absence of a link would be extremely damaging to our business competitiveness.

— Andrew Morris


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